Is Australia doing a good job at tackling climate change?
Australia only creates around 2% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Australia is in the top five countries for greenhouse gas pollution per person. Whatever Australia does will not make a difference. Australia is best placed to make the most of a low carbon economy and export clean technology to the world. Australia has so much coal, we can’t afford to leave it in the ground. Australia is one of the most exposed countries to climate change. It’s all about jobs – towns will die. It’s all about new jobs – other towns will thrive. The carbon tax will do nothing. The carbon tax is an imperfect start. How did we get into such a mess? Is there a way out?

What can we do?
We can’t ignore the impact of climate change forever. The sooner we start the less difficult it will be later. Each of us can take action to push for a clean energy future. How might we get our school to shift to clean energy? Is your family interested in clean energy? How can you get other people to shift to clean energy?

Our future will be a lower energy future. So how do we get people to start now so there is less damage to our economy and our climate system when we try to catch up later?