Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home With MyPlace

MyPlace is a smart home control system that operates most 240 volt hard wired appliances that are already in your home, so the choice is yours… and with MyPlace, you can control everything from one easy-to-use integrated system.

Forming alliances with premier solar companies located in countries as diverse as Holland, Australia, China, Germany & Italy and focusing on designing the best and most appropriate systems – and only directly manufacturing those items and components that could not be better sourced elsewhere, we’ve designed a range of solar hot water systems suited to Australian conditions.

How It Works

Your MyPlace comes with a slimline 8” or optional 10” colour touchscreen and 6 on/off relays to control products that are 240 volt hard-wired. MyPlace is future-focused, allowing you to add more modules of 6 at any time for additional items. MyPlace is an affordable smart home system that is an investment in your home.

Touchscreen that doubles as tablet

As daily life migrates online, it’s handy to have a dedicated tablet for the home. In addition to controlling MyAir, the MyPlace touchscreen doubles as an Android tablet that lets you keep track of the family’s calendar, search recipes, play music, stay in touch with loved ones and so much more … all from a centrally located hub that’s always powered and is wired to the wall so it never goes missing.

An app for additional control

MyAir comes with its own app that turns most smartphones or tablets into wireless remote controls, allowing you to control the system from the comfort of your couch, or while you are working up a sweat. The app works from anywhere your device has an Internet connection, meaning you’ll be able to access it remotely using your MyAir app from anywhere in the world. See our list of compatible phones and devices

Come home to comfort

It takes time for air-conditioning to effectively cool or warm a house. By using MyPlace to turn it on before you get home, you always arrive home to your preferred temperature.

Always lock up

When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to forget to close the garage door. If it’s been left open, MyPlace sends you a notification. You can then use the MyPlace app to close it with one simple tap.