Residential Solutions

Energy saving systems for your home and lifestyle.

We know our clients are searching for the most cost-efficient solar power systems installations on the market that help to enhance their homes and improve their lifestyles. Generating clean, renewable power from the sun is only one part of the home energy equation, making efficient use of the energy you are producing is equally important.

At Energie Group Power, we focus on closing the energy loop in your home to ensure that you your utility bills are as low as they can possibly be. We offer energy efficient heat pump hot water systems that are programmed to only run on your solar energy as well as smart air conditioning systems and control upgrades to minimise your heating and cooling costs.

We go above and beyond to deliver the ultimate customer experience. With careful combination of world’s best technology, forward-thinking installations processes and and state-of-the-art components, you will get the installation you want, for the price you can afford, along with the aftercare you deserve.

For as long as you have one of our systems installed, you’ll also have us by your side as your renewable energy partner.

Commercial Solutions

The average business in Australia buys all their power from a retailer when they could be generating their own. Whether you run a rural farm, a local office, or an industrial company, enquire with us now to see if we can improve your situation.

Don’t want to use your hard earned money to buy solar? Energie Group Power can provide a commercial PV system with zero up front costs and cash flow positive repayments that will deliver positive outcomes to your business immediately.

A PV Solar System usually produces more in power per month than it costs per month to lease. Most common lease periods range from 3 – 7 years, after that you own the system and the power it produces is free. What this often means is you see savings immediately without a negative impact on your cashflow.

Business hours are also usually the hours when the sun is shining. Whatever power you generate throughout the day will be consumed by your business. Solar panels offer a fantastic opportunity to offset your consumption with sustainable energy production.

With the right advice and support, your solar power system can even give you a better ROI than investments in most other areas. As an additional source of revenue, the financing arrangements, Power Purchase Agreements and tax advantages associated with solar panels make PV systems highly appealing.

At Energie Group Power, we work alongside your organisation to create a bespoke strategy for cost-efficient energy.